Above and Beyond Custody

House your real estate in an IRA.

Having a mix of stocks and bonds has long been the traditional approach, but investors and their advisors are increasingly looking towards alternative investments, like real estate, for added diversification.






A valuable diversification tool

Generally speaking, real estate may provide investors with steady income and higher yields than traditional fixed income, and has a low correlation with other asset classes — when the stock market is down, real estate can continue to thrive, making it a valuable diversification tool.


Discover Real Estate with our Millennium Alternative Investment Network® (MAIN)®

Real estate investments range from direct investment in a property to pooled investment vehicles, real estate investment trusts (REITs) or alternative platforms that may offer investors further diversification and potentially less risk. 

Millennium Trust empowers clients with trusted expertise, exceptional service
and access to a wide range of custody solutions.

Trusted Expertise

We have nearly 20 years of experience and custody thousands of accounts holding alternatives. 

Exceptional Service

Millennium Trust is always available to support your custody needs and has a client service team dedicated to assist you.(BBB).

Comprehensive Access

We provide you with access to a wide range of alternative investments to diversify your portfolio.



Millennium Trust Company performs the duties of a directed custodian, and as such does not provide due diligence to third parties on prospective investments, platforms, sponsors or service providers and does not sell investments or provide investment, legal, or tax advice.  Millennium Trust Company does not recommend or endorse any investment, investment sponsor or investment type. Investors should perform their own due diligence on any investment opportunity, and should consult their own investment, tax and legal advisors before making any investment decision.

*Based on an April 2017 survey by Millennium Trust Company of 500 individuals ages 30 and up with a household income of $200,000+ who have invested in stocks, bonds, or commodities through an IRA.

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