Help your plan participants stay connected to their investments.

As the US workforce becomes more mobile, it's important to take proactive measures to help promote financial wellness before an employee leaves your firm.




Make retirement readiness a priority.

When a participant leaves your firm, and their retirement account is left behind, they are no longer able to add to their retirement savings. If you make promoting retirement readiness a priority, you ensure the long-term financial health of your retirement plan and your participants. Watch our video to learn about a few steps you can take. 


Better serve plan participants.
Our diverse set of retirement services can help sponsors reduce their costs and liability, while simultaneously promoting retirement readiness among plan participants.

Automatic Rollover IRAs
Automatic rollovers were created to provide an easy way for retirement plans to remove costly, small balance accounts of former employees while preserving the tax-deferred status of their retirement savings.

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Uncashed Distribution Checks
Regardless of whether the address was bad, the check was lost, or the recipient just never bothered to cash it, Millennium can help you with uncashed distribution checks.

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Workplace Savings Solutions
Our solution provides small-and mid-sized businesses and their employees access to easy and affordable retirement plans.

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